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First Lutheran Church - Volga, SD

Family Sunday School

*Praying Together ~ (3 Year Olds)

–These two sessions will help parents and children learn to pray together.

*The Keys ~ (4 Year Olds)

–During these two sessions, we will learn how to say “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you” to God and to one another.  Children this age have learned what it means to break rules, and need to know how to make things right with others and with God.

*Lord’s Prayer ~ (Kindergarten)

–Throughout this year, we will encourage kindergartners to master The Lord’s Prayer.  We encourage parents to pray The Lord’s Prayer with their children at home and during worship.

*10 Commandments ~ (1st Grade)

–The first grade year is a time for learninig The Ten Commandments.  Children of this age are legalist at heart, so they are amazingly open to learning and remembering God’s Law.

* What’s Fair ~ (2nd Grade)

–Second graders are inspired by God’s idea of fairness.  As second graders form a new sense of themselves and often have fears about the way they measure up, it’s an ideal time to explore God’s invitation to bring all our needs to him in prayer-and hear again how much God cares for us!

*Opening the Bible ~ (3rd Grade)

–Parents and children will learn helpful facts about the Bible, discover how to read it together, and enjoy a memorable time of interaction.

* Apostle’s Creed ~ (4th Grade)

In this series of classes designed for parents and children, they will learn why Christians use a Creed for confessing their faith and what the words mean, as well as how to confess our faith to others each day.

*Real Life Faith ~ (5th Grade)

*Parents and children will learn more about Martin Luther and discover how to connect Bible verses, prayer, and worship to every day life.

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