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Milestone Ministries

Feeding Faith Through Milestones

Milestone Ministries are a visual means to bring the presence of God to not only children, but to adults and families. Milestones partner home and congregation for effective faith-nurturing ministry. Most importantly, Milestones Ministry transforms congregations with the vital mission of “Tending the Baptismal Journey” through all the ages and stages of a life centered in Christ. Milestone ministries are designed to help parents and families become comfortable with faith talk. Milestones Ministry helps build a child’s relationship with Jesus and with faith-bearing adults. Click here for the Milestone Ministries brochure.

Purposes of Milestone Ministries:

  • to recognize and affirm moments that are ripe for a child’s next step in his/her faith journey and to celebrate it in the life of the congregation;
  • to equip the Christian home as the primary place where faith formation occurs;
  • to empower the Christian home for its ministry of passing on the faith to children by modeling the importance of nurturing faith in a worship experience;
  • to involve the members of the congregation in supporting parents in their ministry of nurturing their children’s faith;
  • to support and pray for each child’s faith journey by connecting the child and family with a prayer partner.


The whole congregation celebrates this event in worship. A faith chest is made and finished by members of the congregation. A baptismal certificate, suitable for framing, is presented as well. A quilt the First Lutheran quilters have made is placed in the chest. The baptismal child also receives a candle to be burned yearly on the day of their baptism. Each of these items is to pass on the faith and to remind them that they are a child of God marked with the cross of Christ forever.

Through baptism, a child becomes a member of the church. To baptize a child, parents are asked to also become members of a church and help fulfill the promises they make at the time of baptism. If you desire to have your child(ren) baptized, please call the church office at 627-9418 and contact Pastor Dan or Pastor Laura.

Baptismal Birthday Prayer Pillow & Book of Prayers ~ (3 yrs old)
A baptismal reunion is a natural time for families with young children to gather. These children develop a sense of trust for those who provide for their care, love, and nurture. And in turn they view God as a caring parent who loves and protects. This milestone gives Christians a reminder of their baptism and helps their parents seek to nurture the habit of praying with and for our children. The prayer pillow, made by members of the congregation, which contains a pocket in which to keep the Prayer Pillow prayers is given to the children.

Worship Booklet ~ (4 yrs old)
As children begin coming to worship there are a number of different aspect of worship which can become overwhelming. This milestone gives parents and children an opportunity to sit down and look at pictures of the church and talk about all the aspects of worship at First Lutheran.

Prayer Placemat ~ (Kindergarten)

Nativity Scene ~ (1st grade)

Financial Peace Jr. ~ (2nd grade)

Family Bible ~ (3rd grade)
Once again, parents are invited to come learn about the Bible to be given to their child, and to be reminded of their baptismal promise to “place in their child’s hands the Holy Scripture.” There is a one hour session for children and parents where we talk about making this Bible a family Bible.

Commune Blessing Assistant ~ (4th grade)

First Communion Cup and Plate ~ (5th grade)
First Communion preparation is a wonderful event. Fifth graders will meet and etch on a communion cup and plate. Bread will also be made for the communion service. A trip weather permitting, to the local Schadé vineyard we will also take. On Maundy Thursday each year, 5th graders celebrate their first communion, using the bread and wine they made.

Locker Mirrors ~ (6th grade)
This milestone is a reminder that each of us are made in the Image of God. Having this daily reminder for 6th graders as they open up their lockers countless number of times is a powerful way of remembering that they were made in the image of God.

Clay Lamp ~ (7th grade)
Lamps are given to 7th graders in this milestone to represent that they are the light of the world.

Driver’s License Blessing ~ (8th & 9th Grade)

Study Bibles, Lutheran Handbook & Beginning of Confirmation ~ (9th grade)
This milestone represents that start of Confirmation and the intentional learning of scripture and the Small Catechism.

Generation Change ~ (9th Grade)

Faith Chest Building ~ (10th grade)
Parents and children will gather in the school wood shop to stain, sand and assemble the Baptismal Faith Chests. This gives parents and children a wonderful opportunity to work together on a project for the church. Faith Chests are then presented to the children on their Baptismal Day.

Senior Blessing, Quilts & File Box ~ (12th grade)
Parents and children will meet one evening and make their quilts together. Held on the first Sunday in May, Senior Recognition is a time for First Lutheran Church to embrace our graduating seniors as they prepare for the next step in their faith journey.

All Ages

Blessing of Backpacks ~ (all ages on Rally Day)
Prior to the start of the new school year, students of all ages bring their backpacks to worship where they will receive a gift as a reminder that Jesus is with us wherever we go, whatever we do, even while learning new things!

Camp Blessing Milestone

Military Care & Sending

Motorcycle Rider Blessing

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