Confirmation is a pastoral and educational ministry of the Church that is designed to help baptized children identify with the life and mission of the Christian community. The educational ministry is that phase of a lifelong catechumen which nourishes in the child his or her particular gifts so that he or she can know and confess as their own the Christian faith, live their role as a child and servant of God, and grow in the life of the Christian community.

Commission of the Practice of Confirmation


Youth in grades 8-10 meet in small groups on Wednesdays to explore basics of Christian faith, the Bible, and Lutheran doctrine in an environment which fosters deep and meaningful personal relationships and time for discussion. This training prepares them to affirm their Baptism in the fall of the 10th grade. The Rite of Confirmation is held on Reformation Sunday in October.

Our hope at First Lutheran is that the catechumen grows in the Christian faith, participate in the life and mission of the congregation and learn to be a servant to God and His people. Following are the guidelines for the confirmation ministry that we believe are important for the faith journey of the catechumen.

  1. Biblical Understanding: Catechumens should have a working knowledge of the Old and New Testament, that is, know the books of the Bible, and the important faith texts of the Bible.

  1. The Catechism:

    1. The Ten Commandments and their meanings.
    2. The Lord’s Prayer and its meaning.
    3. The Apostles’ Creed and its meaning
  1. Worship Life: We believe that Worship and Youth Group are very important parts of the growth and nurturing of the catechumen. One way of sharing our faith is to be with other Christians for worship. Therefore, we expect attendance at Worship and Youth Group meetings throughout the year. For the 8th and 9th grade classes there will be a series of 10 Sunday Worship Discussion Guides and five Wednesday Reflection Forms a year. For the 10th grade there will be three Sunday Worship Discussion Guides and two Wednesday Reflection Forms. We feel that family worship and Youth Group time will strengthen your faith and encourage conversation about worship, prayer and faith.

  1. Faith Statement: It is part of the Christian journey for the catechumen to express ones faith in words and deeds. With the help of the parents as well as the pastor, students in the 10th will be asked to prepare a faith project or statement. Tenth grade students will write a one to two page response to these questions. The four main questions that they are to answer as a part of their faith statement are:

    1. Who am I?
    2. What do I believe?
    3. Why does Jesus matter for my life?
    4. How do I express my faith – to God, to others and in the way that I live? 
  1. Involvement in the ministry of First Lutheran: We would like each student to read at least two times in worship throughout the year, and run PowerPoint two times. Tenth grade students will read two times and run PowerPoint two times. As a part of Confirmation each student will be asked to complete all the servant activities throughout the year. These will be organized by the pastors. It is imperative that you are present in worship on the day you are scheduled to run PowerPoint or read. If you are unable to fulfill your obligation, please find a replacement and contact the church office at 627-9418. Sunday morning worship is negatively affected by your absence. If you are absent on the day you are scheduled and have not contacted the church office, you will be required to write a one-page paper which will be published in the church newsletter.

  2. Faithbooking

    If you have any questions about the confirmation ministry, please contact Pastor Dan or Pastor Laura.

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