It’s about LIFE! Inviting, Connecting and Growing

First Lutheran Church - Volga, SD

What We Believe

As Lutheran Christians, we believe that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone.


  •   We are inviting people to know Jesus Christ, connecting a living faith and growing in ministry.


  • We are engaged in our mission to practice unconditional hospitality, spirit-led worship and education with continued faith development across generations.

Our COVENANT: As part of the body of Christ and as ministry teams, we commit to:

  • Affirm, encourage, pray for and bless one another and the ministries we represent.
  • Appreciate and affirm each other’s gifts, backgrounds and viewpoints.
  • Speak well of each other to build up the body of Christ.
  • Communicate with each other in honest, open, Christ-like ways and help others do the same.
  • Hold each other accountable to living out our faith and fulfilling our mission.
  • Honor each other’s individual pace and working style.


  1. Pray for one another
  2. Equip families
  3. Engage in ministry


  • Practicing our faith is something we do everyday, everywhere
  • We’re about building authentic friendships, not just being friendly
  • We view home as church too!
  • Everybody has a faith story and a gift to share
  • We view parents, grandparents and godparents as key faith shapers young people’s lives
  • What is God up to in your life?
  • What is the next step in your journey of faith?

Vision Statement:  People praying together to strengthen and support each other in their spiritual growth.
Action: Create more opportunities for us to pray together as a congregation.

Vision Statement: Strengthen and energize our ministry to children and youth by developing creative opportunities for intergenerational interaction and learning.

Vision Statement: Affirming and equipping families to live healthy Christ-centered lives in the world today.
Action: Shepherding families by providing support groups, opportunities for sharing, and guidance.

Vision Statement: Creating a church environment where everyone feels comfortable and at home.
Visiting and welcoming new members in the community and advertising our presence in the community.

Kindness, Caring and Compassion
Vision Statement: Christ transforming lives to empower us to care for one another as He cares for us.
Action: Active lay visitation and random acts of kindness for the sick, grieving and lonely.

All people are welcome at First Lutheran. We believe God welcomes each of us in life-giving, forgiving love through Jesus Christ.

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